Death Can Dance

(C-Type Photographs)

This project is based on a performance which took place in a converted mortuary. I asked the girls to individually lay inside the morgue's fridge, where they remained locked in total darkness for 10 minutes. While being in the fridge they had to take as many self portraits as desired, with a camera previously installed inside. I didn't set specific rules regarding when they should take a picture of themselves or how they were supposed to behave. I was interested in the girls' individual response to the space highly associated with death. This project has functioned as an attempt to demystify my fear of death, and allowed an investigation around the ability of people to relate to each other's experiences in search of personal validations. I was also interested in exploring the capability of the camera to convey this particular experience and its relationship to the subject matter.


(C-Type Photographs)

These images are the outcome of seven months struggle with my final year project, and they function as a reflection on the tension between the artistic process and the artist himself. They express my personal frustration and desperation with regards to the pressure of being productive and creative.
I wanted to examine the interface between performance and photography; how performance and its documentation can convey psychological depth and its physical duration. The process taught me to look at my own failure from the distance and use it as fuel for creativity and imagination. It made me realize, as someone thoughtfully stated, that creativity is allowing oneself to make mistakes and art is knowing which ones to keep.


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Nina Joanna Dyterko